Fraud Prevention and Investigation

What we offer:  We are ready and able to review any specific high-risk areas of an organization’s systems (for example, procurement in challenging environments) and to conduct any specific investigations of alleged or proven fraud; this capacity is based on our extensive global experience in many high-risk countries and regions.

How we proceed:  Based upon directions from the Executive level of an organization, we plan and conduct internal control reviews, detailed forensic fraud investigations, and are able to call in additional external resources in order to identify and quantify fraud; we also provide training to senior staff which will help prevent fraud and misappropriation of assets.

Key operations:

  • Fraud investigations
  • General internal control reviews in high-risk situations
  • Training and support (TA) to prevent fraud and corruption in the field and to improve general financial skills and capabilities

The fraud investigation and prevention services that NAI has provided over the years to various companies are low-key, always focused on detail and concrete proof of fraud when it has taken place, executed regardless of the location or environment, and  acknowledged as critically important and practically useful.